Frequently Asked Questions

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How do i measure which size Flexi-Girth i need ?

All of our Girths are measured buckle end to buckle end and should locate half way up the Girth straps when light tension is applied.

Do i need to buy a smaller Flexi-Girth because of the elastic section ?

The elastic section of the Flexi-Girth is made from natural fibre cotton and rubber and will not stretch out of shape over time so we recommend that customers purchase the same size Flexi-Girth as the Girth currently used if it locates half way up the Girth straps when light tension is applied.

How do i clean the Flexi-Girth?

Either allow the Girth to dry and brush off, sponge the Girth with warm water and soap and allow to dry or Machine wash the Girth, please remember if you machine wash to place the Girth in a pillow case to protect the drum from contact with the buckles.

Can I exchange if i order the wrong size?

Of course, simply return the Girth to us within 14 working days and we will exchange it FOC.

Will the Flexi-Girth stop the saddle from shifting forward?

We all know that every Horse is different and what works for one does not always work for all but we have many satisfied customers that at the very least experienced considerable improvement with the Flexi-Girth.

What is your returns policy?

We operate a "full no quibble money back guarantee", if you are not entirely satisfied with your purchase return it to us within 14 working days and we will refund the purchase price in full.

Where are the Flexi-Girths made?

All of our products are individually hand made in the UK.

Can I order a Girth that is outside your standard Girth size range?

As all of our Girths are made in the UK we can make them smaller or larger on request, please email your requirement and we can tell you how to do this.

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