Customer Testimonials

Flexi Girth Deluxe Black

" My horse and I both love this girth. He moves out stronger with less resistance and no longer throws his head when getting girthed. I had my doubts as to the saddle stability when mounting but I finally tested it from the ground and was pleasantly surprised that the saddle stayed in place great - no slippage to the left like with my old girth. I have ordered a second! tha nks so much. "


" So very pleased with this girth. I have a 'treeless' and had problems with lateral stability, partly due to the nature of the saddle and partly due to my dear pony blowing out so expertly when doing the girth up. The last few rides, since I have had this fantastic girth have been a delight (and a relief) as we have lateral stability :) Thank you for bringing your girth to the market!! "
Abigail Main

Flexi girth for treeless saddles

" Just wanted to let you know that I am so pleased with my new Flexigirth for my round mare. We ride in a treeless Freeform and she was unhappy with her girth and would pin her ears when I was girthing the saddle. She really loves the new Flexigirth and is so much happier. It does not slip, even when mounting and the few side ways spooks she has thrown in to test it out:) It shipped very fast too. Thank you so much! Now I need to order another for my gelding. "

Flexi-girth is great! I have used it on 3 ponies now

" 'The flexi-girth is great! I have used it on 3 ponies now and I am happy with it on all of them. My best success has been with a pony that has been really difficult to find a saddle for due to his short dipped back. The solution treeless saddle worked for him but he hated the girth they recommended as it had to be pulled so tight to stop the saddle from slipping. My daughter then couldn't tighten the girth as the pony was so sensitive he used to shoot off when she put her hand down to tighten the girth. This meant I always had to be around to help her. However, she can now do up the flexi-girth herself and there is no putting back of ears or tail swishing. She can also ride with the girth looser than usual and the saddle does not move. Great success for us. "
Liz Lawson

I have to say I was very impressed

" Thanks for sending the girths, I tried the dressage one over the weekend and I have to say I was very impressed, saddle stayed nice and stable and I didn't have to overtighten so horse was nice and comfy, he seemed to walk out much nicer too. Yes I am interested in selling them "
Louise Hutchings Equine Whispers

More narrow than any other girths I own

" 'More narrow than any other girths I own, although despite my initial worry I didn't notice any kind of irritation or soreness. Stability seemed good, I didn't notice any rolling or slippage on hills or corners. I definitely liked this considering flexi-girth wasn't as tight as the leather girth I normally use on him and I was still able to feel stable. "
Teresa Straub USA

Well I really put flexi-girth to the test.

" Well I really put flexi-girth to the test. I cynched it one hole looser than my (regular) girth of the same size and worked my TB/Andalusian two days in a row through water and up and down so-cal mountains training for eventing with absolutely no saddle slip. My horse worked comfortably in this great lightweight colorful girth (blue is one of my cross country colors and usually hard to find in strap goods). Thanks for a great product at great value. "
Brenda Yanoschik USA

I am so impressed by this amazing product

" I am so impressed by this amazing product, you've certainly sussed Humphrey! If you would like any photos for your site of my 15.2 heavyweight vanner cob wearing your girth with his xxx wide saddle, just let me know. This type of horse is so difficult to girth - Not any more!! Not only is it so comfortable for him, it also never moves, slides, creases or pinches. I'll keep spreading the word! Thank you so much. "
Barbara & Humphrey

The girth does exactly what it says on the tin

" I bought a Flexigirth for my bad tempered Standardbred, who hated being girthed. After being girthed twice he stopped changing into Alien and turned into a puddy tat. The girth does exactly what it says on the tin, I ride in a treeless saddle amd I can mount from the ground with no slippage "

Saddle stayed in place n no rub marks

" I have a fine skinned selle Francais who is very sensitive & lively. My friend Pat rode Caddy for me to try the flexi girth out. he done a lil bit of everything with him, walk, trot, canter n a few lil jumps n all was good. Saddle stayed in place n no rub marks. Pat said saddle felt secure. Whoohoo! "

I used flexi-girth yesterday and it was good

" I used flexi-girth yesterday and it was good. I am a semi disabled rider and need to know that I am not going to slide all over the place especially when I am attempting to get on. The saddle did move a little but it was much better than my usual girth. I will try it with my sheepskin numnah - this is the one I have the worst probs with. Thank you once again for all your communication. "
Jo Madgwick

Just to let you know the girth is a great success

" Vikki rode Honey in a lesson on Friday & the saddle didn't budge, no slipping or rolling and she didn't have to strangle the pony. Vikki says it's fantastic and would recommend it to everyone. "

As a Qualified Saddle Fitter

" As a Qualified Saddle Fitter, I see horses with girthing issues and have been looking for something that would give the horse more freedom and breathability. I found the Flexi-Girth at ‘BETA’ earlier this year so tried one on my own horse first before recommending it to my clients. She is a homebred Irish Draught cross TB and has always been very forward going but quite tense in front. The whole front end became softer and lighter in the Flexi-Girth and she no longer walks away from me when I approach her with the saddle. I now have quite a few of my clients using the Flexi-Girth and the feedback has been very positive. It is brilliant for saddle stability but I think the benefit to the horse with the freedom over the sternum is even more important. No all horse owners and riders make the connection between the horse’s musculature and the effects of the equipment we use on them and at the end of the day, in most cases the more comfortable the horse is, the better he is able to perform for us "
Sharon Church - Saddle Fitter - Bristo

I have to admit I am Gobsmaked!!

" “I have tried your girth on both my bareback pad and my treeless saddle and I have to admit I am gobsmaked!! It does exactly as it says on the tin.... No slipping!! My saddle is usually very unstable but with your dressage girth it barely shifted and felt stable and secure without the need to pull my pony's girth so tight it strangled her!! I am currently passing your name and website details onto anyone who will listen. (I know two friends have placed orders already!) I have been converted, this will be the last brand of girth I ever buy! Many thanks!!” "
Jenny Myerscough

I bought a Flexi-Girth a few weeks ago for my ex-racehorse

" I have in the past had problems girthing him up due to stomach ulcers and in one case he even reared over backwards! But since trying the flexi-girth he has been so much happier to girth up. I will now get the dressage one for him to wear. I am very pleased with it so far and have happy horse :) "
Steph Potter
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