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Flexi-girth is great! I have used it on 3 ponies now

" 'The flexi-girth is great! I have used it on 3 ponies now and I am happy with it on all of them. My best success has been with a pony that has been really difficult to find a saddle for due to his short dipped back. The solution treeless saddle worked for him but he hated the girth they recommended as it had to be pulled so tight to stop the saddle from slipping. My daughter then couldn't tighten the girth as the pony was so sensitive he used to shoot off when she put her hand down to tighten the girth. This meant I always had to be around to help her. However, she can now do up the flexi-girth herself and there is no putting back of ears or tail swishing. She can also ride with the girth looser than usual and the saddle does not move. Great success for us. "
Liz Lawson
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