Customer Testimonials

As a Qualified Saddle Fitter

" As a Qualified Saddle Fitter, I see horses with girthing issues and have been looking for something that would give the horse more freedom and breathability. I found the Flexi-Girth at ‘BETA’ earlier this year so tried one on my own horse first before recommending it to my clients. She is a homebred Irish Draught cross TB and has always been very forward going but quite tense in front. The whole front end became softer and lighter in the Flexi-Girth and she no longer walks away from me when I approach her with the saddle. I now have quite a few of my clients using the Flexi-Girth and the feedback has been very positive. It is brilliant for saddle stability but I think the benefit to the horse with the freedom over the sternum is even more important. No all horse owners and riders make the connection between the horse’s musculature and the effects of the equipment we use on them and at the end of the day, in most cases the more comfortable the horse is, the better he is able to perform for us "
Sharon Church - Saddle Fitter - Bristo
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